Jon Krummel > May 2008 - Featured Pinhole Photographer

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Pinhole photography is so much fun! My brother Brian taught me the process nine months ago and I was immediately hooked. It gets my creative gears going because everything in the process is a variable and open to creative exploration.  You can play with the shape of the camera, orientation of the picture plane, type of paper or film, length of exposure, alternative processing, and on and on. I love thinking up ways to make new cameras, it really appeals to my puzzle solving nature. Watching an image materialize out of the developing ether is absolute magic and I love the dark spooky atmosphere you get with black and white paper negatives. What started out as a cool way to keep in touch with my brother across the country, has developed into a real passion for me, and my brother and I have never been closer."

CK → In October of 2007 I featured Brian Krummel's pinhole photos. As time passed I discovered some photos created by photographer by the name of Jon Krummel. I thought, "hmmmm, could these two people be related?" I soon realized that they were related and thought, how perfect it would be to have them both featured here together. Having a brother myself, I can relate to the relationship that Jon and Brian must have. I also think it's great how the process of creating pinhole photography has brought these brothers together.

All photos © 2008 Jon Krummel and Reproduced by Permission