Peter Wiklund > July 2008 - Featured Pinhole Photographer

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I started taking pinhole photographs in the early 1990s, after having seen some image (don't remember which one any longer) with an extremely tempting expression. Yep, that was how I saw the world as well! I discovered the wonderful magazine "Pinhole Journal" (R.I.P.) and started taking my first steps into this mysterious and oh so appealing new world of imagery. Since then, I have mostly worked with 120-film in an old bellows camera turned into a very wide-angled pinhole camera. But lately I started using other cameras as well; film canister cameras and some commercial pinhole cameras such as the amazing anamorph Abelson Scope camera. The pinhole camera is a tool that allows me to create images that I can imagine - but not always see. But most of the time it is a tool that helps me a lot in the image-creating, since it involves a great deal of chance. I seldom know exactly what the images will look like - which quite often make them a lot better than they had been if I had worked mainly from my own plans. I also really just love opening the camera, seeing the light flowing into it, creating a unique image - an image that can never be repeated... (I just hope the exposure is somewhat correct! ;-))"

CK → Looking at Peter's photos is liking going on some psychedelic trip. I really enjoy the unique perspectives and compositions he explores with his fine art pinhole photography.

All photos © 2008 Peter Wiklund and Reproduced by Permission