Seán Duggan > June 2008 - Featured Pinhole Photographer

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Pinhole photography is magic. With a small box that slowly collects time and light you can make the most amazing images. This slower and more contemplative form of photography is a welcome detour from the megapixels and digital imaging technology of my "day job" simply because it it so wonderfully non-tech. The process is a throwback to the way photographers first made images back in the mid 1800s and I appreciate this connection to the early history of photography. Intellectually, I also love the fact that this image-making "technology" was written about back in the time of Aristotle, and even earlier (they just didn't have the ability to record the images back then). For me, photographing with a pinhole camera is as much about the experience of making the image as it is about the finished photograph. My memories of venturing into the world to create pinhole photos are as cherished as the actual images that I collect in that amazing magic box."

CK → I like how Seán mixes up his film pinhole and toy camera work with his digital photography.
After looking through Seán's gallery of Zero Image 6x9 pinhole images titled "Artifacts of an uncertain origin", I felt even stronger about how I believe one practice helps the other. It's not about film and it's not about digital, it's about how the final image effects the viewer. I also like how Seán is no stranger to helping others learn how to make their own photos better. Check out he's up to on his website (Sean Duggan: Digital Photography & Photoshop Workshops). Thanks Seán for sharing yours words and images with us. Keep up the great work! -Chris

All photos © 2008 Seán Duggan and Reproduced by Permission