Jaroslaw Klups - June 2010 – Featured Pinhole Photographer

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jaroslaw Klups
June 2010 Featured Pinhole Photographer
Poland, Europe
Artist website: www.klups.free.art.pl

"Selfforms" - description of the work

My way to express a creative influence of people and places as well as a variety of situations that I happen to find myself in is through photography. The aim is to ‘objectively’ comment on my ‘true self’ in reference to the surroundings. I hope to cross a thin border and get an insight into an emotional mirror of the others who not only influence but simultaneously create and destruct me. I am trying to find a universal face, without the artificiality of posing in front of the camera. I installed a pinhole camera in front of my face so that I could prolong exposure up to a few hours. It was supposed to objectivize vision: ephemeral gestures and short-lived mimics invalidated each other leaving only hardly visible traces. 19th century physiognomists believed short-lived mimics reveal the truth about man. I am looking for it in endurance: exposing my own face I am busy with everyday activities – I talk to my friends, listen to music, work, eat, walk, sleep and so on.

The initial result is astonishing. The first photograph depicts a face not much different from the one seen in the mirror. I decide to continue, and, after development, my impression is that I know much less abut myself than I used to… The obtained images are full of mysterious traces of the outside world, suggesting passages of time and their uniqueness. My surroundings become a synonym of some remote period in my life, and the image obtained – its mask, a hybrid of various emotions and reactions to the world. The confined expression of time flow revealed by the photographs embodies existence within some secret universe. With time objects change their meaning – they undergo unconscious verification, separating important from insignificant. Each white strip or smear in the image offers evidence of the past and develops a feeling of calm, slow rhythm of time in relation to which I remain – relatively – unchanged.

CK → When I first saw Jaro's Selforms pinholes, it made me think of what it might look like if you took a picture of yourself traveling through time. Yet another example of how pinhole photography is only limited by your imagination. It's also a pleasure to be able to showcase another talented pinhole photographer from Poland. Thanks Jaro for being part of the series. -Chris


All Photos Copyright © 2010 Jaroslaw Klups and Reproduced by Permission



Mahvash saba

nice work of photography... loved it.

Monday, September 13, 2010