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Monday, November 29, 2010

Balazs Sprenc is artist living in Taksony, Hungary and he is the November 2010 pinhole photographer feature on

2010 photo of Hungarian pinhole (lensless) photographer Balazs Sprenc

"Pinhole photography is magic. Pinhole photography is fun. Pinhole photography is the most exciting way to create photographs for me. I’ve started photography about seven years ago with a digital camera. Since then I fell in love with film photography, old film cameras and quickly discovered the magic of pinhole photography too. I like experimenting and pinhole photography is a great playground for that. The possibilities are endless, almost anything can be turned into a pinhole camera or you can buy a commercial one. I’m using both handmade and commercial cameras in 35mm, medium and large format with a wide variety of focal lengths and pinhole diameters. My favourite and most often used light sensitive materials are sheet film and Polaroid." 
CK → I like to give a lot of thought into the selection of photographers I choose for this series and also the words I choose introducing them. Balazs reminds me of my own passion and intrigue for pinhole photography. The countless homemade camera ideas and how to use them creatively. Another wonderful aspect of this series is that it allows me and people who come to this web page a chance to travel the world through the eye of the pinhole. Magical indeed. Thanks Balazs for sharing your pinhole vision and the best of luck wherever your creative path leads you. -Chris

Tiitle: Here comes our hero (Zeroimage 4x5, 9x12 cm sheet film
Tiitle: Small church, big sky (Zeroimage 4x5, 9x12 cm sheet film
Title: Where’s everyone gone? (Zeroimage 4x5, two 4,5x6 cm sheet films in a 9x12 cm holder
Two in one (Zeroimage 4x5, two 4,5x6 cm sheet films in a 9x12 cm holder
Apocalyptic (Zeroimage 4x5, polaroid)
Title: Swans (Zeroimage 4x5, polaroid
Title: Untitled (Zeroimage 4x5, 4x5” slide film)
Title: Megyeri Bridge #1 - redscale Kodak-color 100 film pinhole photograph
Title: CO2 (Zeroimage 4x5, polaroid)
Title: Ghosts (Matchbox pinhole camera, 35mm black and white negative)
Title:Polaroid flag (Zeroimage 4x5, polaroid emulsion lift on watercolor paper
Title:Summer is almost over (Zeroimage 4x5, medium format negative)
Title: Cyanotree (Homemade 4x5 pinhole camera, toned cyanotype)
Title: Rape field - Modified Holga (Pinholga), medium format negative
Title: Clamera (homemade DIY fresh water clam pinhole camera, photo paper negative)

To see more of Balazs' photo you can visit his website and Flickr photostream by clicking on the links below All Photos Copyright © 2010 Balazs Sprenc and Reproduced by Permission



Judith Hoffman

Chris - everyone of these posts is wonderful. I especially like this one - my favorites - CO2 (scary and beautiful) and Cyanotree (poetic). I keep meaning to tell you how much I like your blog. And forward it to others. And come back to study the photos when I need some pinhole inspiration. Thanks so much for doing this.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thank you Judith, that's very kind of you to say that. Well, then stay tuned, because you will really like my next artist. All I will say now is that she's super nice and has a beautiful romantic vision and you see that in the photos she creates. thanks again for your comment and stay tune for the next post. -Chris

Friday, December 3, 2010

Alternative Photography

Lovely work Diana!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010