Vadim Samkov | July 2011 CK Pinhole Photographer Feature

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vadim Šamkovis a pinhole (lensless) photographer currently living in Vilnius, Lithuania and it's a pleasure to have him as the July 2011 CK pinhole photographer feature.

"I began taking pinhole pictures and making cameras in 2005 when I was studying in photography school. My photography teacher gave my pinhole camera made from Kiev 88 film back. After couple developed films I became interested with the unpredictable results and freedom from photography standards using pinhole cameras. That’s how my pinhole journey has begun. This gave me new possibilities of seeing world that surrounds us. I was looking for a new means of expression, originality. Pinhole photography gave me less dependence on modern technology advances. Man by nature is the embodiment of creativity. But perhaps the human creative possibilities are limitless in pinhole photography. In pinhole photography, each photographer is an exceptional personality, distinctive not only for the shooting behavior, but also the fact that, prior to making at least one shot, he is a creator who has made a camera that meets his future visions photos. When shooting with a pinhole camera, you have to feel the objects that surround you. The camera becomes a human-nature connection. Thanks to the camera simplicity between nature and man are no barriers.
To me one of the key criteria that must be maintained in pinhole photography, to avoid trivial pinhole images and pinhole cameras do not use just because it is fashionable. Pinhole randomness creates internal dialogue between the object and subject. Pinhole - not a goal, but just another way to capture things that is important to me. Pinhole photography gives us a lot of surprises, especially in the light that changes during long exposures. Pinhole technique is a living thing. In the photographs we can see time passing by.
Everything that surrounds us in this world is changing extremely fast. Adaptable to all new inventions, photography is no exception. Every month, more and newer cameras are released to the increasing number of pixels, etc. But in our society there are more people who often feels embarrassed and global progress, they voluntarily take a step back. "Regression" is not only in  their equipment, which "turns" of the most powerful and expensive camera into a  matchbox or oatmeal can cameras, but also the "regression" of pinhole photographers  themselves, whom like Cervantes Don Quixote are fighting with “windmills of progress”. Pinhole photographers go back a hundred years ago, where life is not synonymous with the rush. Lensless photography is ascetic and altruistic outlook on life.
Pinhole photography revival brings new opportunities for photographers to find themselves. The opportunity to experience the light, we see ordinary things from the other side. All admired the pinhole technique is understood only when you photograph your first roll of film or make at least one picture. Pinhole photography is a constant mystery. An enigma that must be constantly guessing whether something will be or not be. Pinhole photography is a great way to learn about photography since its inception. Pinhole photography is the turn of the past, the whole process that began long ago live now, and increasingly conquering the hearts of photography enthusiasts. Pinhole photography is a puzzle that you must solve every day, to quench thirst for knowledge and discovery."

CK - Since I have a background in graphic designer, it's always nice to see when photographers experiment with creating interesting compositions in their photographs. Each of Vadim's photos have me looking deeper into the image to see exactly what I'm looking at. And even if I can't figure out what I'm looking at, I still enjoy the abstract composition that he's creating by allowing himself to use his camera in a unique way. Thanks Vadim for sharing your words and photo and I wish you all the best with your photography.

Black and white multiple exposure pinhole photograph

Black and white pinhole multiple exposure pinhole photograph

6x18 black and whitepinhole photograph of the bathtub in a bathroom

Black and white pinhole multiple exposure photograph of two people near spinning bike wheels

Worms eye view black and white pinhole photo graphic design of person standing next to tall structure with graffiti on it

Black and white pinhole design

Urban landscape black and white high contrast pinhole photographic design

Black and white pinhole dreamscape photograph of trees trees moving in the wind next to a two story house with a window

Black and white pinhole photograph of a girl and a guy with dog behind the wheel of a car

Black and white pinhole photo of a person looking down into the camera

Black and white multiple exposure pinhole photo graphic design composition

Black and white multiple-exposure pinhole photograph

Black and white pinhole photo graphic design. Created by layer multiple exposure

Black and white pinhole photograph

Black and white pinhole photo

Black and white pinhole photograph of stairs

Black and white pinhole photograph of looking up the trunk of a tree

Black and white pinhole (lensless) photograph looking up the trunk of a tall tree and its branches

Black and white pinhole photograph of a tree trunk and its branches laying into the water of a river

You can browse more of Vadim's photos on his Flickr photostream

All photos (C) copyright 2011 Vadim Šamkov and used by permission