Lavazza Espresso Coffee Can 5x7 Photographic Paper Pinhole Camera

Lavazza Espresso Coffee Can Pinhole

Homemade - Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Photographic Paper

5x7 inch


I've had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to use this funky looking thing. The camera pictured above is the first coffee can pinhole I made, so you can see it's been around.  I like using this particular coffee because the can has an opaque black lid. And when you insert a 5x7 inch piece of paper horizontally into the can, the lid keeps the paper from moving. It's a snug fit, so sometimes your paper can get pinch at the top, but that's part of the fun of it. I have used opaque black photo tape or magnets as shutters in the past and find that to work just fine. I also use colored pieces of masking tape as a system to help remind me which cameras have been exposed and which ones haven't. If you're more interested on making or using this camera, you can read more about it in my book.

CAMERA UPDATE: For those of you who have read my book and have made this camera, please make sure that you push the lid firmly down. Otherwise it's possible that light will leak resulting in a black (overexposed) negative. By doing this, you may bend the edge of the paper, but I think all that adds to the look and feel of the negative.

5x7" paper negative of eculyptus trees in a local park created with coffee can pinhole and "drip developed" with Kodak Dektol developer

5x7 photographic paper negative pinhole photograph of roadside Guadalupe candle shrine in Baja California Mexico

5x7 inch photographic paper negative Lenox laser drilled pinhole photograph of an historic building in downtown San Diego

5x7 photographic paper negative pinhole photograph of buildings downtown San Diego created with coffee can pinhole camera

Black and white 5x7" photographic paper negative of the Coronado bridge in San Diego, Southern California - 10 minute exposure

Black and white photographic paper negative pinhole photograph of Heritage Park in Old Town, San Diego, California