Private photography lessons are now being offered to elementary/highschool/college students, working professionals, seniors and groups. Chris Keeney, who is a San Diego California based professional photographer will now offer one-on-one private lessons in the privacy of their home, office or public place. These lesson will be individually tailored to each persons skill level and availability. I will charge by the hour and this rate will be negotiated by determining what each person or group needs from the lesson. Lesson can be done during the workweek or on the weekends. Holiday times may cost extra depending on my availability.

Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge of photography but just didn’t want to be bothered by having to go to a class. Why not have the teacher come to you, in the comfort of your own home or meet in a public place? I’ve found working with this way to makes the learning experience more interesting and fun.

I know that now a days you can learn a lot about photography online but I personally feel that you will have more fun learning from a person who is standing in front of you. I feel that learning is a personal endeavor and that’s why I listed under “personal” menu on my website.

Being  professional portrait and event photographer I’ve learned that working with people and creating relationships is the most important part of my business. This is why I’ve put together a private lesson plan where individuals, couples or groups can sign up for that best works with their schedule. Naturally, since I specialize in portraiture, I’ll have that as my main class. If people just want  to learn about a specific aspect of photography (exposure, lighting, processing, printing) they can tailor the class(s) to their needs.

Private Lessons Offered: