Pinhole & Toy Camera Lessons

Pinhole (lensless) and Toy Camera Private Lesson Plan

I’ve found that now that we live in the age of digital photography, people are hungry for some analog goodness now and then. Put your camera phone and DSLR away and take some time to work with me on how fun and interesting pinhole (lensless) photography can be. Since I wrote a book on DIY pinhole photography, I guess that makes me somewhat of an expert on it. I guess you could just buy my book and learn on your own but what could be better than learning how than from getting lesson from the guy who wrote the book on it? I am also into vintage and film cameras and have a few of them lying around in my office. If that’s something you’re also into, then we can talk about how best to use those cameras too. Now I know that photographic film and paper are a bit expensive and hard to come by these days, I can give you ideas of how you can get started without breaking the bank. Do-it-yourself (DIY) pinhole photograph is a “slow” process, so naturally  we won’t be able to go over the whole lesson plan in one session. If you want to make your own camera and then use that camera to make photos with, this will take more than just a day to do. When I work with schools, I advise the teachers to make the camera(s) one day and following classes talk about how to use the camera.

Making Pinhole Cameras or DSLR Body Cap
Obviously the sky is the limit when it comes to making a pinhole camera but if you’d rather buy one, that’s fine too. Personally, I think the whole making your camera part of pinhole photography is half the fun. But if that’s not your thing and you’re more interested in how to make well exposed and interesting pinhole photos we can skip this step.

If you are interested in making your own pinhole camera, I can help you figure out what types of cameras are best to start with and the kinds of supplies you’re going to need to make these cameras. Once you’ve made this camera(s) I will help you test it so you know it’s light tight and functional. Some people may just want to make a DSLR camera body cap with a pinhole placed into it. Now, I’m not a big fan of digital pinholes, I have found ways to make interesting pinhole with DSLR pinhole body caps. I can teach you how to make one and ways to keep dust from getting onto your camera’s sensor when using it.

Drilling The Right Size Pinhole For Your Camera
This can be a daunting task to even me sometimes. How do you figure out what size pinhole is the right diameter for the camera that you want to make. And once you figure out the diameter, how do you know you’ve drilled the correct size hole. You’d be surprised how easy it is and I’ll show you the tools and knowhow to make your own perfectly round pinholes. We will talk about the best way to attach your pinholes to your cameras and ways to maintain them.

How To Make Properly Exposed Pinhole Photographs
OK, now you have your pinhole camera made and you want to get down to the creative business of making cool looking photographs. Depending on the type of light sensitive material you’re using (photographic paper, film, or digital)