Post Processing Lessons

Post Processing Lesson Plan
California based professional photographer now offering private one-on-one lessons to people in the San Diego County area on digital image post processing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to individuals, couples and groups.

Downloading Your Images From Camera’s Compact Flash and SD Card to Your Computer and How to Back Them Up
OK, now you have all these awesome photos you’ve created and you need to download them to your computer in an orderly fashion. What’s the best way to do this and how should you organize them on your computer’s hard drive. What are the risks of not backing your images up to a secondary device and if you do where do you store that device in the case of a fire. What about storing your images to the cloud or website that deals in image storage. But before you back them up I will show you the best way to make sure your images are dated, titled and rich with meta data so that search engines can find your images quickly and identify them correctly for what they are. I use Adobe Bridge and Lightroom for this process and I can show you my workflow.

Editting Process
Some people, including myself have a hard time editing photos after they’ve been taken. We will talk about how to properly edit photos so that you’re not burdening yourself, your family or your clients with too many photos to look through. What are the distinguishing qualities of a photo that give it the right to stay in the gallery. If photos we’re taken out of sequence, we will talk about how to put them back into sequence and make your gallery flow in an interesting manner. I will talk about rating and labeling photos so you can quickly come back later to those photos for further organization, processing and retouching. We will also talk about best edit your photos so they work best in a online photo web gallery later.