2013 Pinhole Cameras a Do-it-Yourself-Guide Photo Contest and Gallery

Hello all of you lensless photography lovers. I decided to do a photo contest and online gallery In an effort to spread the love of the art of pinhole photography, The contest and gallery was for photo entries inspired from my book Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide. The contest was free to all and didn’t cost anything to enter. First & second  place winners won a working pinhole camera made by me. Many thanks to all of you who entered and I’m proud to showcase your photo in this online gallery.

After you click on one of the thumbnails below you can return to the main gallery by clicking on the bold “Pinhole Muses” copy at the top of the screen.

Contest Winners!
I want to congratulate Laura Fiorio and Manuel Costantini (Pinhocchio) for winning the CK 2013 DIY Pinhole Photography Contest. I also want to thank all the talented people that submitted photos to the contest. I was difficult for me to choose just one person. I understand more than anyone that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but I know that when I look at a certain images they often inspire me to create something myself. The image stirs up memories and thoughts about friends and the places that we have enjoyed. I also appreciate it when people collaborate to create art like Laura and Manuel are doing. It’s a beautiful thing to work together as a team to create something… especially when that something is art. And not just any kind of art but photography. We all know how long and hard we can talk about photography. A topic which I think is as infinite as space itself. And when you throw in DIY pinhole photography into the mix, well I think you just take it another step further into the “cool”. Anyhow, congrats to you two and thanks again for everyone who submitted your photos to the contest. They all were great in their own way and as I said, It was hard for me to choose.

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