Chris Keeney Announces New Pinhole (Lensless) Photography website and blog

Hello all you pinhole photography enthusiasts!
Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have created a new blog where I will be showcasing all my new pinhole photography efforts. Keep in mind that this a fledging site and it still needs lots of tender loving care. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Chris Keeney Announces New Pinhole (Lensless) Photography website and blog

  1. Becky

    Hey Chris!
    Hope you are well.
    Are you gong to continue this site?
    I’m interested is writing some articles for it if you are.
    Let me know.

    1. Chris Keeney

      Hi Becky

      Thank you so much for your note. I’ve been meaning to blow some life back into this site for a while now. Truth be told, I’m hoping to re-do my main site (, so needless to say I’ve been holding off adding new content. Since Pinhole Muses is a different URL, I think we can go full steam ahead. Why don’t you email me at and we can discuss how to proceed. Thanks! -Chris


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