This page will showcase materials and processes related to developing film and photographic paper in a darkroom. It will list the items needed to develop your own film and paper negatives in your home or office.

Safelight Jr. – Affordable and it does the job for small darkroom needs.
Dektol Developer – For photographic paper developing
or Diafine Developer
Diafine Developer – For photographic paper developing
Kodak Rapid Fixer – For Photographic paper and film developing
Processing Trays – (5×7 and 8×10 Sizes)
Orbit Bath – used to neutralize chemicals in negative and print processing, reducinging wash time to 5 minutes Photoflow

These supplies can be purchased at:

Freestyle Photographic Supplies // On the West Coast
B&H Photo Video // On the East Coast


Some supplies you needed to start your own home or office darkroom.

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