Below are links to websites and blogs with informations and photography relating to pinhole photography. I hope you have a link that you think should be on this list, please let me know by posting that link in the comment box below.

Pinhole (Lensless / Without a Lens) Photography Resources
Pinhole Visions (
How to make your own PinHolga (
Small/tiny (mirco) mascot carbon steel pivot drill bits to create precise pinholes .004-.050″ (
Photon Detector (the photography of Nicolai Morrison) (Online pinhole resource)
The Pinhole Gallery ( 
EightBanners metal pinhole cameras (120 and 4×5 formats –
Zero Image Hand Made Wooden Pinhole Cameras (
f295 – The Art of Lensless Imaging (
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day WPPD (April 29, 2007)
Lenox Laser Drilled Pinholes and Slits ( 
Pinhole Solutions (
Information about cameras, Reciprocity failure, exposure (
Stewart Woodruff’s How to Make a Pinhole Camera out of an Oat Meal Can
The Legacy Project – The worlds largest pinhole camera ( 

Mike Ware’s Alternative Photography Pages – (
Lego pinhole Camera (

Pringles Pinhole Camera (directions on how to make a Pringles pinhole camera) 
The Art of the Camera – The 120 & 4×5 pinoramic cameras & photos of Kurt Mottweiler 
Bricolage’s – Do it Yourself (DIY) 35mm pinhole blender how-to page – photos
Design your own Zone Plate – Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer
Standford University’s Lensless Photography Site – (
Lochkamera Weblog – Pinhole – Zoneplate – Slitcameras by Otto Hablizel
Blind Wino Camera – ( – Hand made wooden cameras
The Global Project of Solargraphy (The Solargraphy Project by Tarja Trygg’s)
Beautiful Chinese Pinhole Cameras and Photos (
Without Lenses, The Art & Craft of Lenses Photography ( (pinhole theory)
Camera Obscura Def. On Wiki (Room or Box that acts like a pinhole Camera)
A Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Camera Obscura (good for a school pinhole project)
Simple Pinhole Photography (Making a Pinhole Body Cap)
Pinhole Camera Page of Doug Bardell (
TeamDroid – DIY High Capacity Panoramic Pinhole Camera ( 
Make Magazine’s (Project: Panoramic Pinhole Camera)
How to Make an Oat Meal Tin Camera (Zernike Au and Yin Yin)
Populist Camera Instructions (Nick Dvoracek)
How to Make a 4×5 Cigar Box Pinhole Camera – Cline and Company (
Determining Pinhole Size and Exposure by Guillermo Peñate
Turn a Polaroid OneStep into a pinhole Camera (pinholaroid) –
Homemade Matchbox Pinhole Camera
Wolfgang Thoma (Taco) – How to make a simple pinhole camera – from start to finish
Les Gehman’s Stereo Pinhole Photography – (how to make your own stereo view pinhole camera)
Pinhole Photography Ring – (
Pinhole Calculator – Bob Manekshaw’s Pinhole Calculator
Pinhole Edun – Christiansen Gallery ~ Minute Aperture Imaging – Pinhole shutters and apertures for sale
Wanderlust Cameras – World’s widest pinhole cap made for Micro 4/3. more products to come!
Pinhole Photographers // Online Worldwide Web Pinhole Photographer Directory
Chris Keeney – aka [ CK ] (
Katie Cooke (
William Arnold (
Ruth Thorne – Thomsen ( 
Bethany DeForest – ( 
Nicolai Morrisson / Grossman – (
Andreas Wolkerstorfer – (
Therese Brown – (
Michael C. Pastur – (
Nancy Spencer And Eric Renner – (www.pinholeresource) 
Jeff Korte – ( 
Craig Barber – Fine Art Photography – ( 
Jesseca Ferguson – (
Joaquín Casado – (
Thomas Hudson Reeve – (
Nancy A. Breslin – Fine Art Photography of Nancy Breslin – (
Leslie Bastress (Bea) – (
Riccardo Gazzarri – Hand made wooden pinoramic pinhole cameras & photo galleries 
Jesseca Ferguson – (
Ahmet Selim Sabuncu – Camera Obscura fotogaflari ( 
Zeb Andrews (
Diana Hooper – (
Juergen Kollmorgen – Pinhole camera maker and photographer
Michel Bayard (Mickey) – The pinhole photos of Brooklyn Photographer Michel Bayard
Michael Elsden Fine Art Photography – (
Otto Hablizel – ( – Otto’s Flickr Photostream 
Henrieke I. Strecker Photography – The pinhole photos galleries and photography 
Nick Dvoracek Pinhole Photography
Dan McCormack – Fine Art Digitized Pinhole Photos (
Matt Callow Photography – (
Brian J. Krummel – (
Brian Barry – Prints by Brian Barry, Cork City, Ireland (
Diego Lopez Calvin – pinhole cameras & solargraphie (
Tony Taylor Pinhole Photography – Awesome homemade pinhole cameras and photos
Wayne Martin Belger (
David Balihar (
Celeste Brignac (
Kyoto Photo Press (Pinhole Adventure) (Photos, Camera Design Calculations, Zone Plate Generator)
Seán Duggan (
Steven Taft – ( 
Rowena Dugdale (
Jeff Korte (
David Cugnasca – Pinhole Camera Images – (
Jonas Reinsch – Jona’s Camera Obscura (
Corine Hörmann Pinhole Photography – Jona’s Camera Obscura (
Kristin Timken (
Chris Ellinger – A Gallery of Zone Plate Photos (
Jane Alden Stevens – (Pinoramic Pinhole and Noblelux Panoramic images, –
Jan Kapoor – The Dreamtime Series – (pinhole blender images & more) ( 
Adrian Hanft – ( 
Edward Levinson (
Rosanne Olson – (
Rob Gardiner – (
Danny Kalkhoven (
Rodrigo Perez ( – (the first lithuanian pinhole photography gallery on the net (
alspix – Camera Maker and Pinhole photographer ( (
Sheila Bocchine Photography- (
Anastasia Medvedeva Photography –
Lou Krueger – Interview with Lou Krueger on
Arunas Kulikauskas – ( and Arunas Kulikauskas on Flickr
Massimo Stefanutti – Fotografia Stenopeica (
Mateusz Skalski – The pinhole photography of Mateusz Skalski (
Jonathan Stead – English pinhole photographer (
Mark Tweedie – Pinhole photography | bookbinding | Poetry
Ralph Howell – Whimsical and innovative pinhole cameras (potato, pineapple, coconut.) and photos they created
Scott Stillman – pinhole photographer –
Ono Ludwig – German pinhole photographer –

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