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Inspired by the Gods and Goddesses

Awaking each morning we have no idea what is going to inspire us to do great things that day. As I was thinking about what I was going to name this new blog, my mind kept coming back to the word “muse”. What does that word even mean? The Wiki definition talks of nine Greek […]

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Chris Keeney Announces New Pinhole (Lensless) Photography website and blog

Hello all you pinhole photography enthusiasts! Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have created a new blog where I will be showcasing all my new pinhole photography efforts. Keep in mind that this a fledging site and it still needs lots of tender loving care. Stay tuned!

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2013 Pinhole Cameras a Do-it-Yourself-Guide Photo Contest and Gallery

Hello all of you lensless photography lovers. I decided to do a photo contest and online gallery In an effort to spread the love of the art of pinhole photography, The contest and gallery was for photo entries inspired from my book Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide. The contest was free to all and didn’t cost anything […]

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