Multiple exposure photograph of people in the Phoenix airport in Arizona created with Holga plastic toy camera

Black and White Holga Multiple Exposures

Black and white multiple exposure photographs created with a plastic toy camera called a Holga using¬†medium format 120 B/W film. In 1997 when I was gifted my first Helga plastic toy camera from a graphic designer friend I worked with. I really didn’t know anything about the camera and how to operate it. Excited about getting started with my new gift. The first couple rolls I photographed a moving train with graffiti on it. Instead of looking at the camera when I advanced the film, I arbitrarily twisted the dial to the next exposure. When I developed my film from that day, I was amazed at the results. A whole new style of using that camera emerged… I called it HolgaShop since I was essential fusing images together in the camera like you would do on the computer with Adobe Photoshop.