Macro and Experimental Photography

I enjoy experimenting with macro photography because it gives me a chance to peer into another dimension for awhile. Enabling you to look at a perspective you normally don’t get to see. As a photographer I’m constantly trying to experiment with my camera and lenses to come up with images that inspire me to think different. Pushing myself to try and see the life around me in a way I’ve never seen before. Pushing the creative envelope and not falling back on photography crutches and cliches.   This is one of my favorite galleries to update, so please make sure to check back now and then. I’m a big fan of high contrast black and white photography, so this is where I post pictures I’ve been playing around with. I hope the photos in this gallery inspire viewers to think out of the box themselves. Go places and do things you normally wouldn’t do. Most importantly, be yourself and create what you think is new and different without copying the ideas of images you’ve already seen. Pioneer your own style and make it distinctively yours.