Color headshot portrait of a woman in a pink/white plaid shirt smiling and looking into the camera

San Diego Natural Light Headshot Portrait Photographer

I love using natural light for my portraits. I always tell people that I work with that the biggest light source is the best light you can find. And nothing is a bigger light source than the sun. So naturally I like to do my headshots outside in the daylight. Either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If I’m forced to shoot mid-day I find some place out of direct light in the shade. Off and on I work with people who are looking to learn more about portraiture, volunteer their time to assist me with lighting. They help me use photographic diffusers and reflectors to tame and redirect the sunlight. I try and find a shaded spot that’s near light that we can reflect back into the shade. I’m always looking for eyes that full of light and have sharp focus.