San Diego Bikini Portraits of Woman lying on Blacks Beach in La Jolla

San Diego California Beach Bikini Portrait Photography

Living and working close to the beach sometimes gives me the option to do photo shoots on the many of beaches in San Diego county. My favorite beaches are in Coronado, Ocean Beach, La Jolla Pacific Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas and Oceanside. I’ve done photos shoots for woman who get bikinis comped from bathing suit manufacturers in trade for photos of them wearing them on the beach. Some woman treat themselves to a photo session after meeting exercise goals. Perfect gifts for a boyfriend or husband. The key is to book the shoot during the weekday and in an area where there aren’t a lot of beach goers. I use studio lights in soft boxes and operated by portable battery packs. I also helps if another person accompanies you so they can help with setting up the shot and taming wind blown hair.