2017 University of San Diego Valedictorians

University Of San Diego 2017 Graduate Portraits

I’m blessed to be able to work with USD (University of San Diego) every year to create these editorial portraits of their distinguished class of 2017 graduates. These portraits will then be used on the college’s website with accompanying stories. Each student will be featured on a dedicated webpage with success stories about what they did during their years in college to achieve these awards. It was an honor, a pleasure and privilege to have be able to work with these graduate students to create these photographic portraits. I’m lucky to have such a beautiful campus to work with when setting up these shots, it sure does make my job easier. Thanks and congrats to everyone who helped make this photoshoot turn out so well. Best of luck to all of you wherever your career path will take you. I hope to be on campus in 2018 to work with a new set of grads.