Romeo y Julieta Cigar Box Pinhole Camera

Hand Made Wooden Cigar Box Pinhole Camera

5 x 5" Paper Negative

Box Dimensions
5 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 2 1/2"

March 15, 2010

.013 in. or .32 mm

Focal Length
65 mm


I've always liked the look of Romeo Y Julieta cigar boxes, so it's no wonder that this box would make for a great pinhole camera. Since the box's lid has gaps around where the lid open and closes, I had to put some black photographic tape around the edges to make the box completely light tight.

Black and white 5x5 in. photographic paper negative test shot

Pinhole paper negative self-portrait photograph created while on a camping trip with my son in the Anza Borrego Desert in Southern California

Romeo Y Julieta cigar box photographic paper negative pinhole photograph of ocotillo cactus photographed in Anza Borrego desert

Cigar box pinhole paper negative still life photograph of the Anza Borrego desert in the early morning light

DIY Romeo Y Julieta cigar box pinhole paper negative photograph of a shaded bench in the Anza Borrego desert

Romeo Y Julieta cigar box paper negative pinhole photograph of my son Colin eating his breakfast at the camping table in Anza Borrego Desert

5.25x5 in. homemade cigar box pinhole camera paper negative portrait photograph of blackpower gun maker, Dave Cripe. June 21, 2011, Yaak, Montana by CK


Photographic paper negative print of my daughter shooting a handgun at a can with me supervising in the background. Photo created and processed in Yaak, Montnana. 

I've also noticed that when the tape on the camera gets old and bent from use, this camera tends to get light leaks. At first I was disappointed but then quickly realized that the light leaks added their own unique mark to the image. That often the light leak added to the overall appeal of the image.