Any person or company can tell you whatever they want about how they work and interact with their clients, but it’s what the client says that matters the most in the end. Being that a graphic designer and  photographer is a service oriented business, so I think it’s important to keep your clients happy before, during and after the assignment. By practicing and living this modus operandi I’ve acquired some of my best clients from referrals given by happy design & photography customers. So I figured that if you’re looking for a designer or photographer it’s always nice to hear what the client has to say about this person. I believe it’s the sincere words written in these testimonials from our clients, peers and friends that ultimately make up our reputation of who we are in the business world.

2010 Portrait of Gary Jabara of Mobilitie Testimonials“Chris and his staff are terrific to work with. They were very insightful, and professional.  Chris was able to assist us with our corporate vision and bring that to life with a new web site and corporate image that blows our competition away!”
— Gary Jabara CEO and Founder of Mobilitie – Newport Beach, California


sara-bader-testimonial-avatar“I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Chris when I edited his book Pinhole Cameras. From our first exchange to the day I sent him the advance copy of his book, our working relationship has been effortless and gratifying. Chris is an ideal author: he is an idea machine, constantly brainstorming creative ways to communicate concepts, and a gifted listener, genuinely open to the ideas others bring to the table. He is, in short, a wonderful collaborator, creative problem solver, talented photographer—and now (nice work, Chris), a published author. I sincerely hope we have a chance to work together again.” — Sara Bader, editor, Princeton Architectural Press – New York, New York

Photos from Jeremy and Gisenyi's July 2009 wedding in Julian, San Diego. Photos by Chris Keeney,
“We had Chris as our photographer for our engagement session and wedding photos. We had such a blast with him and absolutely loved all the pictures we took. Not only is Chris an excellent photographer, he is personable, hilarious, energetic, and conscientious. We highly recommend him!! Yeah!” — G&J – Encinitas, California


Allen Guilmette - President and Creative Director - AldenMC“I have had the good fortune to know and work with Chris over the past several years. Our collaborative exchange is earmarked with many significant accomplishments. While Chris was with AldenMC he served as a lead graphic designer and conceptualist. AldenMC produces high end, multimedia‐marketing communications for a diverse portfolio of clients including Caterpillar, Pfizer, Kodak and the PGA. Chris’s ability to solve diverse and complex marketing communications is always met with a positive and self-assertive spirit. His assimilative skills turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Together we produced, websites, corporate identities, annual reports, packaging, national advertising campaigns and videos. Chris’s passion to explore the art of communication aesthetics is always in forward motion. His many years of investigating the potentials for visual communication define his professionalism. I recommend, should you have the good fortune to work with Chris Keeney, don’t miss the opportunity.” — Allen Guilmette – President and Creative Director – AldenMC – San Diego, California

San Diego graphic designer, Tara Brouwer head shot

“Chris is incredibly friendly and encouraging to work with. Personally, I find it awkward to have my picture taken—but Chris made it a very comfortable experience for me. Chris also has a talented eye for light, composition and color. As a creative director myself, I greatly appreciate this. My head shot portraits turned out beautifully.” — Tara Brouwer – Creative Director, Shovel Creative – Encinitas, California

Dr. Richard Visser - Minister of Health and Sport - Aruba

“I’ve been a client for over ten years and Chris has never failed to amaze me, weather it be design, composition or just getting the essence in a shot. He has an eye for capturing what matters in his pictures” — Dr Richard Visser – Minister of Health and Sport, Aruba (DWI)



I have had the opportunity to shoot with Chris on a number of occasions and two things always stand out…he’s a master at lighting and he always makes the clients feel comfortable to be themselves and let their individual personality shine through. Chris is an unbelievable talent who is a master at creating and capturing unique images whether it be his fine art work or portraiture. His imagery is simply breathtaking.” — Lani Grim, photographer – San Diego, California



“Working with Chris was a wonderful experience, from our engagement shoot to our wedding day. The pictures turned out better than we could have imagined. We appreciated his hard work and dedication which helped make our big day that much more memorable. Thank you Chris” — M & B – San Diego, California



“When I think of working with Chris, I am always struck by how much I look forward to those projects and to the knowledge and potential that Chris brings to the table. If there is a singular phrase to define his love for photography, it would be “wide open” as this is how he approaches his work—with an open mind, inventiveness, confident skill and a willingness to push boundaries. His work is fresh and spontaneous, his photos capture the essence of a face or a place as only he can envision it.”  — Michelle Aranda – Creative Director, design(aranda) – Bozeman, Montana


“The world is filled with people taking pictures especially now with digital media, and there are a lot of good photographers out there taking great shots. So how do you decide which photographer to use? Fortunately I was introduced to Chris Keeney at the right time he was seeking to do some street art photography, right when I was doing a lot of street art and writing a Play called “GRAFFITI LIFE. The color of my sole”. It was a perfect match and he went to work shooting he caught great actions shots while we were painting that captured the energy of the moment. Chris also took some incredible shots of B-Boys posing in front of walls we painted that was ultimately used for the playbill. Chris has that great ability as a photographer to quietly catch amazing shots and also knows how and when to direct a group of people to create a great shot as well. However, when you’re looking to work with a professional there are 2 things to consider, first the quality of their work and secondly the quality of the person. I worked personally with Chris Keeney on a number of projects and first and foremost his workmanship is superb. His desire to invest himself totally into his projects is evident in the results of his photographs. His integrity determination and overall knowledge and sensibility in his process make’s him a pleasure to work with. So as I mentioned before there are a lot of good photographers around but I’ll choose Chris keeney every time.” — Pose 2 is Mr. Maxx Moses – San Diego, California

Studio black and white portrait of San Diego, Southern California woman framed with antique border treatment created by photographer, Chris Keeney.“Chris is the consummate professional. He listened to my ideas and needs and then made my products shine in the photo shoot and online!” — Liz Bernal – Owner of Thread619 – San Diego, California




“Chris Keeney and I have worked on a number of art projects over the past 10 years. I cannot think of a more talented photographer and collaborator. It’s been a privilege and I look forward to our next endeavor.”

— Anthony Grant – Fine Arts Painter – Anthony Grant Studio Gallery – Loisville, Colorado



“Chris is the utmost photographic professional. He is punctual, prepared and most importantly, gifted behind the lens. His choice of angles and use of light and space create a unique look to his work. As a professional photographer myself, I plan to give Chris the ultimate recommendation and when I get married, hire him to shoot MY wedding.”

— Alicia Santistevan – Photographer – Los Angeles, California


Greg and Julie's Wedding at the Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla California

“Chris was a blast to work with. It was not your typical photo shoot, more like an outdoor adventure. We could really feel Chris’s passion for photography and the pursuit of unique and creative shoots. Thanks for a fun day and it was great getting to know you, we can’t wait for the wedding”
— Greg and Julie – San Diego, California



“I found Chris Keeney through work he had created for some publicity photos for a prominent local arts and culture performance troupe. His photos engaged me because they made me feel that I was intimately engaged with the subjects; performance artists from a stage production who appeared so “naturally”. There wasn’t a sense of “posing”, but of a vulnerability that was quite equisite in its truth. Chris Keeney means business. He values his time and energy but more importantly he values your time and and puts your “getting clear” on what your message is first. Every picture is a story and Chris knows that the best stories come from the right relationships. His process is to question everything involved in a project  and prepare himself with the values and particular nuances of who you are and what you want to say. The shoot itself is fun, dynamic and he is gracious. Keeney is a gem. Working with him, I ended with beautiful images, and with a greater clarity of my essential vision.”
— Sarah Bella Mondragon – San Diego, California


“Chris is a very talented photographer with an artistic flair. He has worked with our family for several photo shoots, and is so good with my kids in the way he relates to them. Chris has a way of capturing my kids in their natural element so the pictures do not look posed, but they reflect my kids’ personalities really well. Chris never makes us feel rushed, and spends a lot of time working with my kids to make sure they are comfortable and enjoy the shoots, and the pictures turn out beautifully! I would highly recommend Chris for any photography shoot!” 
— Julie B. – San Diego, California


“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris on two ocassions. Not only does his enthusiasm and love of photography come through with every shot, but he was overflowing with unique ideas for composition, lighting and technical tricks to enhance each photo. he’s the quintessential photographer.”
— Kelly Kraus, Owner of ZuZus Petals – San Diego, California



“Chris Keeney… Captures the essence of the soul with his mastery of photography ..he takes you on a visual journey through every image he captures in timeless dynamic moments.. I should know he caught every moment and movement with my artwork..”

— Chor Boogie – Artist – San Diego, California


“Chris is the ultimate professional and does a fantastic job of bringing out the best in his photo subjects. His warm approach and sense of humor creates a relaxed atmosphere where even the most camera-shy people develop an interest in delivering a good product. As a graphic artist, Chris can visualize the potential business use of his photography that helps streamline the process and can ultimately reduce his clients’ expense. I have worked with Chris on a number of projects and will continue to recommend his work to my clients.”
— Mark Kelleher, Owner, one80 Consultants – Los Angeles, California


“I have known Chris Keeney for over 25 years and I know he is a dedicated, enthusiastic and professional at his craft that includes alternative photography and media. I would recommend Chris Keeney to anyone who wants unparalleled, unique & top of the line product and customer service.”

— Art Casillas – Sr. Account Executive, Sarcom – San Diego, California


“Chris will take stunning and beautiful pictures for you while he makes you laugh with his fun sense of humor.  I was impressed with his confidence, immediate knowledge of what to do with light, angles, and poses in various situations, and the ease at which it all happens.  Chris is a great guy who makes any photo shoot fun and successful.  I always enjoy his company and have gone to him many times for photography questions and advice.  He always knew exactly what I needed.”
— Grant Elementary Kindergarten & surfingTeacher, Dave Martocchi


“Chris was the best person to work with out of all of our wedding vendors. He is a true professional in every sense of the word. I interviewed a number of photographers and once I spoke with Chris I knew he was the right person for our wedding. Thank you Chris for doing a great job photographing our wedding, we really appreciate all your hard work prior, during, and after our special day.”
— Ricky and Cara