Pinhole Photography Resources and Links

Title: Old Trucks & Young Boys Camera: Zero Image 6x6 Multi-Format Pinhole Photo Film: Fuji Velvia 100 Fujichrome Film © 2007 Chris Keeney

Title: Old Trucks & Young Boys Camera: Zero Image 6×6 Multi-Format Pinhole Photo Film: Fuji Velvia 100 Fujichrome Film © 2007 Chris Keeney

Being a photographer who is passionate about pinhole photography, I wanted to create a complete all-in-one internet resource that offers information for the beginner, amateur and professional pinhole photographer. I hope you find this information helpful whatever your pinhole interests are.

People sometimes ask why I like pinhole photography so much and I say, “It’s similar to growing orchids, once you start doing it and realize how rewarding it is, the more you want to do it. The joy of making your own camera, then creating an image with just a tiny pinhole and some light sensitive material, seems like magic every time you do it. I hope you find this information helpful in creating your own pinhole cameras and photos. As time permits, I will updating this page with new information and information. I also plan to feature a new pinhole photographers every month, so please check back for those. In the meantime, I would suggest browsing through some of the wonderful pinhole photo galleries on the sites of the photographers I have listed below. If you’re a photographer or company that would like to see your name/company listed below feel free to contact me using the form below.

Pinhole (Lensless/Without a Lens) Photography Resources

Pinhole Visions (
Small/tiny (mirco) mascot carbon steel pivot drill bits to create precise pinholes .004-.050″ (
Photon Detector (the photography of Nicolai Morrison) (Online pinhole resource)
The Pinhole Gallery (
EightBanners metal pinhole cameras (120 and 4×5 formats –
Zero Image Hand Made Wooden Pinhole Cameras (
f295 – The Art of Lensless Imaging (
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day WPPD (April 29, 2007)
Lenox Laser Drilled Pinholes and Slits (
Pinhole Solutions (
Information about cameras, Reciprocity failure, exposure (
Stewart Woodruff’s How to Make a Pinhole Camera out of an Oat Meal Can
The Legacy Project – The worlds largest pinhole camera (
Mike Ware’s Alternative Photography Pages – (
Lego pinhole Camera (
Pringles Pinhole Camera (directions on how to make a Pringles pinhole camera)
The Art of the Camera – The 120 & 4×5 pinoramic cameras & photos of Kurt Mottweiler
Bricolage’s – Do it Yourself (DIY) 35mm pinhole blender how-to pagephotos
Design your own Zone Plate – Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer
Standford University’s Lensless Photography Site – (
Lochkamera Weblog – Pinhole – Zoneplate – Slitcameras by Otto Hablizel
Blind Wino Camera – ( – Hand made wooden cameras
The Global Project of Solargraphy (The Solargraphy Project by Tarja Trygg’s)
Beautiful Chinese Pinhole Cameras and Photos (
Without Lenses, The Art & Craft of Lenses Photography ( (pinhole theory
Argonauta Productions, Inc. – (Great Pinhole Resource Site)
Camera Obscura Def. On Wiki (Room or Box that acts like a pinhole Camera)
A Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Camera Obscura (good for a school pinhole project)
Simple Pinhole Photography (Making a Pinhole Body Cap)
Pinhole Camera Page of Doug Bardell (
TeamDroid – DIY High Capacity Panoramic Pinhole Camera (
Make Magazine’s (Project: Panoramic Pinhole Camera)
How to Make an Oat Meal Tin Camera (Zernike Au and Yin Yin)
Populist Camera Instructions (Nick Dvoracek)
How to Make a 4×5 Cigar Box Pinhole Camera – Cline and Company (
Determining Pinhole Size and Exposure by Guillermo Peñate
Turn a Polaroid OneStep into a pinhole Camera (pinholaroid) –
Homemade Matchbox Pinhole Camera
Wolfgang Thoma (Taco) – How to make a simple pinhole camera – from start to finish
Les Gehman’s Stereo Pinhole Photography – (how to make your own stereo view pinhole camera)
Pinhole Photography Ring – (
Pinhole Calculator – Bob Manekshaw’s Pinhole Calculator
Pinhole Edun – Christiansen Gallery ~ Minute Aperture Imaging – Pinhole shutters and apertures for sale
Wanderlust Cameras – World’s widest pinhole cap made for Micro 4/3. more products to come!

Pinhole Photographers // Online Worldwide Web Pinhole Photographer Directory

Chris Keeney – aka [ CK ] (
Katie Cooke (
William Arnold (
Ruth Thorne – Thomsen (
Bethany DeForest – (
Nicolai Morrisson / Grossman – (
Andreas Wolkerstorfer(
Therese Brown – (
Michael C. Pastur – (
Nancy Spencer And Eric Renner – (www.pinholeresource)
Jeff Korte – (
Craig Barber – Fine Art Photography – (
Jesseca Ferguson – (
Joaquín Casado – (
Thomas Hudson Reeve – (
Nancy A. Breslin – Fine Art Photography of Nancy Breslin – (
Leslie Bastress (Bea) – (
Riccardo Gazzarri – Hand made wooden pinoramic pinhole cameras & photo galleries
Jesseca Ferguson – (
Ahmet Selim Sabuncu – Camera Obscura fotogaflari (
Zeb Andrews (
Diana Hooper – (
Juergen Kollmorgen – Pinhole camera maker and photographer
Michel Bayard (Mickey) – The pinhole photos of Brooklyn Photographer Michel Bayard
Michael Elsden Fine Art Photography – (
Otto Hablizel – (’s Flickr Photostream
Henrieke I. Strecker Photography – The pinhole photos galleries and photography
Nick Dvoracek Pinhole Photography
Dan McCormack – Fine Art Digitized Pinhole Photos (
Matt Callow Photography – (
Brian J. Krummel – (
Brian Barry – Prints by Brian Barry, Cork City, Ireland (
Diego Lopez Calvin – pinhole cameras & solargraphie (
Tony Taylor Pinhole Photography – Awesome homemade pinhole cameras and photos
Wayne Martin Belger (
David Balihar (
Celeste Brignac (
Kyoto Photo Press (Pinhole Adventure) (Photos, Camera Design Calculations, Zone Plate Generator)
Seán Duggan (
Steven Taft – (
Rowena Dugdale (
Jeff Korte (
David Cugnasca – Pinhole Camera Images – (
Jonas Reinsch – Jona’s Camera Obscura (
Corine Hörmann Pinhole Photography – Jona’s Camera Obscura (
Kristin Timken (
Chris Ellinger – A Gallery of Zone Plate Photos (
Jane Alden Stevens – (Pinoramic Pinhole and Noblelux Panoramic images, –
Jan Kapoor – The Dreamtime Series – (pinhole blender images & more) (
Adrian Hanft – (
Edward Levinson (
Rosanne Olson – (
Rob Gardiner – (
Danny Kalkhoven (
Rodrigo Perez ( – (the first lithuanian pinhole photography gallery on the net (
alspix – Camera Maker and Pinhole photographer ( (
Sheila Bocchine Photography- (
Anastasia Medvedeva Photography –
Lou Krueger – Interview with Lou Krueger on
Arunas Kulikauskas( and Arunas Kulikauskas on Flickr
Massimo Stefanutti – Fotografia Stenopeica (
Mateusz Skalski – The pinhole photography of Mateusz Skalski (
Jonathan SteadEnglish pinhole photographer (
Mark Tweedie – Pinhole photography | bookbinding | Poetry
Ralph Howell – Whimsical and innovative pinhole cameras (potato, pineapple, coconut.) and photos they created
Scott Stillman – pinhole photographer –
Ono Ludwig – German pinhole photographer –

Pinhole Photography (Camera Obscura) History

500 BC
The Chinese writer and philosopher mentions the inverted image that appears when light passes through a small hole.

400 BC
The same observation was commented upon by Aristotle.

Yu Chao-Lung uses model pagodas to show pinhole images on a screen.

Pinhole images are used to observe the eclipse of the sun.

A pinhole perspective is used to understand the vanishing point in painting.

Leonardo da Vinci provides the first detailed description of the pinhole formation.

Observation of solar projections from a pinhole lead to the correction of the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

Pinhole projections are used as an aid to drawing. Camera Obscura

Pinhole photography using dry plates.

Young photographers start experimenting with pinhole photography.

The art establishment becomes interested in pinhole images.

Pinhole interest groups are started to exchange ideas.

The world wide web leads to widen the interest in pinhole photography. Many art galleries are now having Pinhole Exhibitions.

A yahoo search under “Pinhole Photography” produces 35,000 hits




Zone Plate Photography

Another thing I like about the art and science of photography, is that there are so many different ways you can create an image. Zone plates and megapinhole are just another way that you can experiment and explore creating images without a lens.

A zone plate is a device used to focus light. Unlike lenses however, zone plates use diffraction instead of refraction. Created by Augustin-Jean Fresnel, they are sometimes called Fresnel zone plates in his honor. The zone plate’s focusing ability is an extension of the Arago spot phenomenon caused by diffraction from an opaque disc.

A zone plate consists of a set of radially symmetric rings, known as Fresnel zones,

which alternate between opaque and transparent. Light hitting the zone plate will diffract around the opaque zones. The zones can be spaced so that the diffracted light constructively interferes at the desired focus, creating an image there. Zone plates produce equivalent diffraction patterns no matter whether the central disk is opaque or transparent, as long as the zones alternate in opacity.

(Source Wikipedia) Links:

Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer – (An Online tool for designing and creating your own zone plates)

Pinhole Materials and Supplies You May Need To Make Your Own Homemade Pinhole Camera

My book (Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide) which is a great resource
Film recommendations for pinhole photography (Kodak, Fuji, Ilford) – I like using Fuji Velvia 50, 100, Fuji Acros 100 & Ilford Delta 100 and 400 – 35mm & 120 films
Photographic paper (I like using Ilford fiber base papers myself) but resin coated (RC) papers are cheaper and take less time to wash
Needles – I recommend using acupuncture needles or micro drill bits
Seirin America Acupuncture Needles worked great too (0.12mm to .03mm)
Pinhole Shutters (8Banners Turret Shutter, 8 Banners T-Shutter, Zero Image)
Cable Releases (Gepe) – I recommend the German made cloth covered with lock types
Bubble Levels – (Acratech, Hakuba Double Bubble Level, Bullseye Bubble Level)
Tripods (Bogen, Bilora, Gitzo)
Opaque Black Paper Photo Tape (Permacel, 3M, Scotch)
Flat Black Spray Paint – I use Rust-Oleum flat black spray paint
Brass Sheet Metal – I recommend using .003 brass shim stock to drill your pinhole into
Polaroid Backs
Darkroom Chemicals & Supplies
Light tight Changing Bag
Pinhole Calculators
Tiny/small micro mascot flat pivot drill bits .004-.050″ – You can read more about these bits on my pinhole book page

Darkroom Materials List

Safelight Jr. – Affordable and it does the job for small darkroom needs.
Dektol Developer – For photographic paper developing
Diafine Developer – For photographic paper developing
Kodak Rapid Fixer – For Photographic paper and film developing
Processing Trays – (5×7 and 8×10 Sizes)
Orbit Bath – used to neutralize chemicals in negative and print processing, reducinging wash time to 5 minutes