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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pinhole self portrait pinhole Mark Tweedie Coventry
United Kingdom (UK)

There seems to be a curious empathy between the homemade nature of our own lives and the representations we make of them using pinhole cameras: the results are very individual; the clarity or otherwise of the result is very much down to the methods of manufacture and use employed by the photographer; unexpected - and often beautifully surprising - events of light and perspective frequently throw the user's previsualisation into a role of very secondary importance.

I use paper negatives almost exclusively and have grown to love their unpredictability and frequently wonderful textural quality. The long exposures required, sometimes lasting hours, grace the images with a powerful sense of narrative and I find myself prefering to produce photographs in series or sequence rather than single images. This is not by design but rather that the inevitably slow processes involved allow - if not impose - a wider view of what is happening at the time. The first image will often spark ideas for modifications, expansions and developments on the theme and that wonderful sensation of "giving up" or ceasing to "try too hard" takes over. At such times there is a transcendental aspect to making photographs, working more as a channel for impressions than as a premeditating, clinical recorder of things." CK → I've always thought that the art of pinhole photography and poetry went together. So when I first saw Mark's work, I was impressed with how well he had fused the two creative processes together. Words and images working together to create a look and feel that would transport the viewer's imagination to far away places. Places where nature, time and history whispered into your eyes and ears. It it my pleasure to be able to share some of Mark's creative and inspiring work for this month's pinhole photographer feature.

Dream Of Flight

Paper negative photo titled "Dream of Flight"


Paper negative pinhole photo titled "Breakthrough"

Pinhole intaglio print titled "Mwnt, Whales"

Paper negative pinhole image title "Stonehenge"

Paper negative pinhole image title "Stonehenge - closer to the stones"  

Paper negative pinhole image titled "Infinity's Edge"

4x5 45mm pinhole on HP5+ image titled "Waves"

Paper negative titled "Copper Whiskey Barrel"

Paper negative titled "Copper Whiskey Barrel" 2

Paper negative pinhole titled "pinhole - jan 1"

Paper negative titled "Berkswell Church Lamp"

Paper negative pinhole titled "The Choice"

Paper negative pinhole titled "The Release" from the series "Dream of Flight"

Paper negative pinhole titled "Clipped"

Creative process: Mark Tweedie's pinhole camera and set-up

All photos © 2008 Mark Tweedie and Reproduced by Permission



Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer

Gorgeous pinhole photographs! I absolutely love 'The Release' and “Copper Whiskey Barrel” 2.

Thank you for sharing!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008