MintyCam 35mm Film Pinhole Camera (made from Altoids mint tin)
I use to have direction on how-to-make a MintyCam, but now that I've written the book (Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide), I was hoping that people would buy my book which includes detailed step-by-step instructions and more.
Handmade CK MintyCams For Sale
For those of you that are interested in the MintyCam, but aren't sure you want to go to all the trouble of painting, cutting, etc., you can now pay a small price for me to make one for you. Since this is a labor of love, I've decided to keep the cost low, while charging enough to cover my material costs and shipping and handling.

A One of a Kind Custom Made Camera for $28.00 (US) 

1. Altoids tin that is painted with primer and flat black paint.
2. A 1 mil (.001") copper foil .18-17 mm (.007") pinhole (F Stop between 100-112) 
3. Loading and unloading instructions
4. CK tips & tricks for taking better MintyCam photos
5. Re-loadable take-up spool and silver metallic turn key
6. Domestic or International shipping and handling
7. And of course friendly customer service and technical support

MintCam Without Tripod Moint (Domestic Shipping)
Total = $33.00
(That's $28.00 + $5.00 Shipping and handling)

MintCam With Tripod Moint (Domestic Shipping)
Total = $40.00
(That's $28.00 + $7.00 tripod mount + $5.00 Shipping and handling)

International Shipping no tripod mount
Total = $40.00
(That's $28.00 + $12.00 Shipping and handling)

International Shipping with tripod mount
Total = $47.00
(That's $28.00 + $7.00 Tripod mount + $12.00 Shipping & handling)

So far CK has created and shipped MintyCams to the following people in these cities, states and countries:

Seb in Hackney, London, United Kingdom Ellen in Washington D.C. USA Terry In Seattle Washington USA
Rachel In Chicago, Illinois USA
Robert in Galway, Ireland
Alba in Barcelona, Spain
Stitch in Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines
Clea In Barcelona, Spain
Melanie in Bermuda
Antoine in Montreal Canada
April in Saint Cloud, Florida
Mr. E in Groton, Connecticut USA
Susan in Huntington Beach, California Dempsey in Brooklyn, New York Susan in Topeka, Kansas
Nathaniel in Chicago, Illinois Mary in Carrollton, Texas Anne in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Joel in Staten Island, New York Michael in Silverton, Oregon Omrip in Tel Aviv, Isreal
Rachel in Fayetteville, Arizona Aneela in Hamburg, Germany Angela in Apple Valley, California
Jennifer in Cambridge, Massachusetts RD Granados, Brooklyn, New York Bruce in Mankato, Minnesota
Philip in Santa Cruz, California Ted In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Amanda in San Ramon, California
Alice in Rochester, New York Glenn in Waldwick, New Jersey Jorg In Singapore
Brenda in Grand Rapids, Michigan Nastazja in Przeclaw, Poland Jeffrey in Grand Prairie, Texas
Chris in Madison, Mississippi Greg in London, United Kingdom Juliette in New York, NY
Angela in Auckland, New Zealand Naomi in Co. Cork, Ireland Allison in Lawrence, Massachusetts
Abby in Savannah, Georgia USA Eric in Brooklyn, New York Serena in Bedford, Texas
Kaylee in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom Jerry in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Bonnie in New York, New York
Deborah in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Maggie in San Francisco, USA Susan in Arlington, Virginia
Alan in New York, New York Meri in San Jose, California Marco in London, England
Patrick in Quinton, Virginia Jacob in Anaheim, California Ricardo in Mexico
Thomas in Tuscon, Arizona Yvonne in Houston, Texas Maurice in Einddhoven Netherlands
Paul in Himble, Texas Jesús in Tlalneoantla, Mexico Simon in West Yorkshire, UK
Renee in San Francisco, California Steven in Sequoia National Park, CA Rachelle in Valley View, Texas
Jessica in Albuquerque, New Mexico Jocelyn in Rosemead, California Pascal in  Dieburg Germany
Sierra in Bradenton, Florida Damien in Seattle, Washington Linda in Dublin, Ireland
Nathan in Manchester, United Kingdom Jucencio in El Paso, Texas Alexis in Houston, Texas
Willa in Monterey, California Olivia in Austin, Texas Mark in Corvallis, Oregon
Shannon in Argyle, Texas Gina in Wichita, Kansas Winnie in New York, NY
Theresa in Brandon, Florida Fiona in Norwich, Norfolk, UK Zac in Reynella East, South Australia
Bree in Pasadena, California Brian in Arlington, Virginia Wojciech in Chicago, Illinois
Nicholas in Richmond, Virgina Wyatt in New York Angelica in Santa Ana, California
T in North Bendigo, Victoria, Australia Nancy in Lincoln, CA David in Ann Arbor, Missouri
Soraya in Bangkok, Thailand Shelley in Minneapolis, MN Tom in Denver, Colorado
Rodney in Columbia, Maryland    

Here are a few sample images I've taken with my MintyCams over the years. I'll try and update this page with new photos in the future.

The picture above is a double exposure using the MintyCam first then shooting the same film through an underwater camera. Fujichrome Provia 100F film.

Color photograph of a historic church in Massachusetts created with a 
MintyCam pinhole camera by Chris Keeney

MintyCam pinhole portrait submitted by Bonnie who bought a camera from me and then kindly sent me this test photograph

Here's another test photograph created by Bonnie who recently purchased a MintyCam from me. Bonnie was going a trip with her friend and I suggested that she test out the camera before heading off on her vacation with it. The two photos above are some test shots she sent to me. I like the dog in the corner and the person holding the card with the No. 6 on it. Thanks Bonnie these are great! The next photo was sent to me by Marco Van Welzen of Brighton, England.

The above pinhole by Steven M Bumgardner a.k.a. "Yosemite Steve. Yosemite is such a beautiful place, so to seeing through the eye of the pinhole is even better

The MintyCam pinhole above was created by Steven M Bumgardner a.k.a. "Yosemite Steve". I love Yosemite, so I happy to see Steve getting all these great shots

Thanks Macro, it's good to see you're getting out and enjoying the camera. I also can see you're using some my favorite films for that camera. 

Misc. MintyCam Supplies and Accessories

If you're planning on making a MintyCam or purchasing one from me, you'll want to buy a roll of opaque black photographic tape (1" wide × 60 yd long) for attaching the film and take-up spool to the camera. I currently buy this tape online from Dick Blick art supplies.  You'll also need some film, so make sure you check out my film and photographic paper page for my recommendations on what works best in this camera.
If you've purchased a MintyCam from me and have lost or misplaced your film take-up spool (cartridge) and need another, please send me an email with your name, email and address and I'll make sure you get any needed replacement parts.

Pinhole & Camera Maintenance

Since the pinhole size in the MintyCam is so small (.007") it's important to keep it clean. Every once and a while I blow the pinhole out with some canned air. If you're using tape as your shutter you'll also want to make sure the tape isn't leaving a sticky residue on the camera. Clean this off periodically by placing a small amount of mineral spirits (paint thinner) on a Q-tip and wipe clean.

Camera Updates and Improvements

For a while I've been using painters tape to secure the magnet shutter to the camera while it's not being used. This way when I travel with it in my backapack or pocket the magnet shutter doesn't get accidentally moved off the pinhole causing light to enter the camera. Lately I've been using small cut up pieces of bicycle inner tube to keep the magnet in place. When I'm ready to make an exposure, I move both rubber bands out of the way, turn the magnet vertically and make my exposure. Seems to work great and it's one less piece of tape on the camera :-) I just went to a local bike store that recycled bicycle inner tubes and asked them if I could have one. It's amazing what a nice attitude and smile on your face can get you these days.

The camera pictured above is an upgraded model where I've discovered how to attach the tripod mount so it's almost flush with the Altoids tin. I never liked how the tripod mount stuck out, so I've very excited about this new evolution of the MintyCam. It's a bit more work to make, but I think it's worth it in the end. This camera was bought and sold and sent to Nicholas in Richmond, Virgina. I hope he enjoys it.

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Chris, you rock.  Gotta say it!  I'm a wannabe solargrapher from Australia and stumbled upon your site tonight.  You are so very generous with your time and knowledge, and your passion for your craft is so apparent.  I'm loving the journey you are taking me on tonight!

Thanks so much for being a SUPER AWESOME human being.

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Thank you for your purchases and support --- please feel free to post any questions or information (upgrades, etc.) about the making of your own Altoids pinhole camera.
Thanks -Chris

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