High School Senior Portrait Session at Windansea Beach La Jolla, California

December 1, 2016ck@chriskeeney.comSenior PortraitsNo Comments

I love the beach, so naturally I enjoy any chance I get to work next to the ocean. When Zoey’s mom contacted me about photographing her daughter’s high school senior portraits on the beach, I jumped on the opportunity. Of course working on the beach has it’s intrinsic challenges, such as the tide, the weather as well as other people enjoying the beach. Windansea Beach is a popular place, so I always try plan shoots there during non peak times. I love natural light, so fortunately I had my favorite assistant Jen helping with reflectors and strobes. Thanks to Zoey and Jen for doing so an awesome job on this shoot!


Zoey sitting on the sand at Windansea beach La Jolla California with the ocean and bluff in the background


Walking down the beach barefoot with the sun in your face always puts a smile on people’s faces

Full body portrait of high school senior at Windansea beach La Jolla California

Candid high school senior portrait of girl standing near the shoreline holding her white dress smiling at Windansea beach La Jolla California

I love how this shot turned out of Zoey standing near the shoreline with the sunlight shinning in her hair


Zoey sitting on some steps leading down to the beach with green ice plant in the foreground and the beach in the background


Zoey cleverly painted 2017 on some seashells and is seen here holding them with the golden light of the sunset lighting them.


A seated portrait of Zoey sitting on the bluff just after sunset with the ocean and waves in the background at Windansea Beach in La Jolla California


Zoey standing on the bluff smiling in her white dress with the sun about to set into the horizon line of the ocean


After an outfit change we got a bit daring and did a few shots in-between two large rocks where the ocean water flows in and out


A behind the scenes shot of me working behind the camera. Thanks to my assistant Jen!
golden-hour-portrait-session-la-jollaSeated portrait above the beach lit with LED light bank and photographed with Canon 85mm f/1.2

Zoey sitting on the sand with the Windansea beach in the background just after sunset. Lit with handheld LED light bank photographed with 85mm f/1.2

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